Adult programs are for rowers ages 21 and up of all levels of rowing ability and fitness.

Adult Learn to Row (Spring, Fall)

Our learn to row programs are designed to teach adults new to rowing the fundamentals of the sport, while building fitness and having fun in a relaxed environment. RowAmerica Rye’s coaching staff fosters a fun, energetic, and enthusiastic atmosphere for all levels of fitness and ability.

Adult Recreation Team (Year Round)

Join the rowing revolution with RowAmerica’s signature recreational rowing program!
Inspirational and professional coaching staff will ensure that each workout delivers full-body fitness, and transforms the way you look and feel. Recreational workouts are geared to improve overall fitness by combining long distance and interval training with a relaxed, non-competitive approach.

Adult Racing Team (Year Round)

Go for the ultimate challenge of racing. The Adult Racing Team is for the goal-oriented individual, who is looking for the inspiration and motivation of racing to deliver maximum fitness gains. Adults in the Racing program will train with the goal of competing in local and, potentially, national regattas. Reaching for the highest levels of technical, physical and mental abilities will drive athletes beyond their perceived limits of physical fitness.Adult Racing Team members will be eligible to attend regattas at the local, regional and national (for those who qualify) levels. Additional regatta fees will apply.

RowAmerica Rye

Be Part Of Our Success

At RowAmerica Rye, we epitomize the essence of competitive rowing. Our club is dedicated to honing the skills of passionate athletes who are driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence. With a focus on fostering a culture of determination and teamwork, we provide a dynamic environment where athletes thrive and push the boundaries of their potential. Join us as we embark on a journey of achievement and set the standard for competitive rowing excellence.

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