Row America Rye New York


Our mission is to introduce the sport of rowing and fitness to people of all ages, and to help athletes excel in their rowing and fitness goals. Within our programs, some participants will become competitive rowers, and some will participate in recreational rowing (non-competitive). [quote]By providing the professional coaching and training required to advance in the sport, we give our rowers the skills and training needed to advance to the next level, or to nurture a life-long love of the sport.[/quote]



The RowAmerica Rye Club offers a unique opportunity for athletes to train both on and off the water. The boathouse is located at 668 Milton Road, Rye, NY with access to Milton Harbor.

RowAmerica Rye’s boathouse houses top-of-the-line rowing shells, state-of -the-art fitness equipment, and training space. [quote]We are a full-service club providing all boats, oars, and equipment needed for an athlete to train successfully off and on the water.[/quote]

The club has an extensive line of equipment including racing singles, doubles, quads, fours, and eights. All shells are manufactured by WinTech and King Racing. We also provide rowers with sculls, oars, Concept 2 ergs and dynamics, and a fitness facility.

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